Here's How We Can Help

Direct outreach to build connections with for-profit companies

We analyze your agency’s reach (untapped local businesses with an affinity for your mission, existing vendor relationships, Board connections, connections through prior honorees, etc.) for potential sponsors (see attached PDF for the process). We develop an outreach plan that is tailored to your agency, and then implement it based on objectives you identify.

Video marketing campaigns for non-profits to support their for-profit relationships

For building community awareness and corporate-sponsor awareness, we develop customized video campaigns that highlight your agency’s role in the community and with specific businesses. We optimize this content for your social media, special events, and fundraising use.

We offer several engagement options:

Flat fee
Individual project pricing
Package plans
A single combined price for related project activities
Subscription plans
A 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan, billed on a monthly basis, for predefined work. This plan auto-renews unless you cancel.